Monday, June 12, 2017

Anti-Zionism: Virtue Signaling for Muslims?

According to Media With Conscience News, Brandon Martinez "is a freelance writer and journalist from Canada. Brandon's area of expertise is foreign policy, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. His writing is focused on issues such as Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics."

This description of Brandon was accurate for when I first found him on YouTube a couple years ago. He was once strongly opposed to anyone who appeared to be pro-Israel and had a multitude of videos on his YouTube channel dedicated to waking people up from both news media propaganda and government lies. He was a "truth teller" regarding everything from 9/11 to the origins of ISIS. Today, however, that is not the case. He has made it plain that current events no longer interest him and there are better things he could be doing with his time than being on social media.

“The incoherence of the truther narrative is comical,” Brandon wrote in the article "Confused Truthers". “They want to maintain that Muslims are innocent patsies who are always set-up by the West, so they’ve resorted to saying that Isis are just ‘paid mercenaries’ under CIA mind control or masked Mossad agents.” Brandon doesn’t realize it but he just revealed this was the attitude that led him to be a voice against Zionism in the first place. Brandon assumes that those of us who do not believe Daesh (ISIS) is an Islamic caliphate hold this position because of what we want to believe about Muslims. After sifting through some of Brandon's articles on his blog I am now utterly convinced Brandon is merely judging us by the motives he possessed in times past. 

Think about it. Why would Brandon, an atheist who seemed to have an enlightened vision regarding the largest global threats in the world, suddenly flip a switch and jump onto the "Fuck Islam" bandwagon? After all, the more someone like me has researched, the stronger I see how much of a problem the Jew problem really is. 

You see, I'm a nonbeliever too. I left Christianity five years ago. And every Muslim who knows me is aware I am not Muslim. I am not trying to impress them nor do I need them to view me in a certain way. The research I did while I was a Christian accidentally caused me to lose my Christian faith. It was a specific journey of seeking for deeper truths and valuing evidence that led to my deconversion. Initially, it was really traumatic for me. I saw how many things I had been believing without evidence. I saw clearly that believing something and accepting it as truth just because it was in a book was not actually evidence. With faith removed from my heart, I was able to then think more logically about everything. As a result, I started realizing how many things never added up in the Bible but I never realized it until my faith was gone. I saw how the institution of the Christian religion had blinded me because of a little word called faith. 

And soon after I saw I had been indoctrinated not just by religion but by my government too. I realized how many news stories did not add up. I saw clear cover-ups in the media, fishy stories, and was highly skeptical. I could tell I was being lied to and I stopped believing something just because the White House or Pentagon said it was true. Just like when I lost my Christian faith this reality of indoctrination by my government traumatized me. A really nice man named Pete Bragg was a support to me. He was also a nonbeliever. 

Over the years I continued to research and my studying eventually led me to learn what was behind the official story for 9/11 and how many lies my government fed me about that. The end result of all this research was I saw the terrorists I had long been told about were not some obscure Arab men who wandered the desert but the people who wore business suits and ran my country and Israel. 

Understanding and having knowledge of the war crimes my country committed overseas along with the actions they were still doing with Israel gave me a huge passion for the middle east. I lived most of my life in an Abrahamic religion. Aside from the brief season of my life where I was influenced by anger-filled narcissists like YouTuber Atheism is Unstoppable and Zionist activist Anni Cyrus, I liked talking to Muslims. So much of what I researched that caused me to leave Christianity were things Muslims already knew. I was lied to about Islam when I was a Christian. All they said was Islam was a counterfeit religion that didn't have a relationship with god. It was a religion of works, Christians said. But I learned this wasn't true. I saw so many testimonies online of Muslims sharing how Allah had delivered them from drugs, partying, sex, and gave them a new life. I read articles of how Muslims were told to read and meditate on the Quran to spend time with Allah. If you're lonely and don't have a partner trust in Allah, the picture image quotes on Google said. He is sufficient. 

Christians lied. They're really good at that. 

I got a passion for Muslims because of what I learned about the lies from my country. I did not ever draw conclusions about Daesh or become a voice against Zionists and Israel because I wanted to think of Muslims a certain way. Brandon Martinez, however, did. Now I understand why he has flip-flopped so drastically. 

In his article "Queries for 9/11 Truthers" which states that what happened on September 11th is no longer relevant, Brandon writes, "But proving 9/11 was a false-flag in order to make Muslims look good does not even really work..." Wait, what? Just read what I wrote to him (still awaiting moderation):

Dude, seriously, what is going on in your brain? Proving what happened with 9/11 is not done to make Muslims look good. That is not the point to exposing truth!

I can see you are not enlightened about the global threat of Zionism/Israel/Jews. You write, “So I must commit my life to ‘exposing’ Zionist deceptions that have villainized Muslims/Arabs…?” and “Why would I or any other Westerner go out of our way to shill for Muslims on terrorism…?” Do you see now, Brandon? You think this is all for Muslims. You don’t even realize that Zionism is a global threat and they want world dominance. You don’t even understand how they’re breaking apart the USA, how they’re using it, how their plan is to destroy us too. You just don’t get it. You’re not a citizen of the USA and somehow you think it’s all about virtue signaling for Muslims as though they’re helpless without your dashing and charming intervention? What about the Christians and atheists in Palestine? You think only Muslims live there? 
The problem you’re having in penning this article is that you’ve somehow gone through a type of devolution in worldview and are calling Daesh Islamic and not understanding what their purpose even is. Do you have any idea at all how people are even recruited to join Daesh or how they dupe people who don’t know much about Islam? Do you know what the word Muslim means? Do you have any understanding that Daesh’s actions completely betray basic tenants of Islam? You’ve lost all the links you pretended to know in the past. So now you see no link or relevance to the history that has already happened.

Brandon Martinez
In a response comment to a person named Dana Hart, Brandon wrote the following: "...Most 9/11 truthers are lefty do-gooder social justice warriors. The whole premise of what they do is 'saving the poor brown people' of the Middle East from the 'evil West'." Hey Brandon, guess what? Fuck you. You're racist.

It wasn't until after I made several comments on his page that Brandon Martinez's past motivation for being a voice against Zionism dawned on me brighter than gazing into the earth's light without sunglasses: all along he was attempting to virtue-signal for Muslims. Brandon possessed certain viewpoints in the past because he wanted to think of Muslims in a certain way. Sure enough, because I remember he would always defend Islam and the Quran left and right. Yet he admitted he had never read the book before - only parts of it. When Brandon no longer wanted to think of Muslims in a particular light he dropped his activist work and let the douche bag that was hidden within him come flooding out. 

So it's very obvious what happened. Brandon knew hardly nothing about Islam. So when he heard more about it from people like Anni Cyrus he joined the circus of screaming "It's taqiyya" at every corner and believes the Big Bad Sharia Law Wolf is coming to get him in his sleep.

I'm not like that. While hate-filled people with a personal agenda did influence me for a time, I was never against Muslims the way they are. I have read the Quran before. Muslims know I don't have faith in Islam. They have even heard my views before. I am not a defender of any religion. But I will correct someone if he or she speaks incorrectly about it. That's just how I am. I was that way as a Christian when it came to accurate doctrine. So I'm still that way now. I am not a leftist nor am I a social-justice warrior. And I just don't think in terms of "poor brown people". There are things I don't agree with about Islamic doctrine. But I do love Muslims. And there's no rhyme or reason for it. I just do.

Omar Borkan Al Gala
In reality, there's nothing people have to do to make Muslims look good or to be able to even think of them a certain way. And that's because there's nothing wrong with true Muslims in the first place. While I don't share their views on religion, Muslims are always kind and loving to me and truly do mind their own business. Since a lot of them have roots that aren't closely linked to the USA they have a gentleness and sweetness about them that is better than what I experience here. But like everyone else with faith they long to see everybody come to find what they've found. 

I speak out against lies for one reason. They are lies. The bottom line is this: if you aren't doing something for the right reasons you will end up getting caught up in a movement with the wrong reasons. Brandon sure did. Exposing him like this will probably make him want to act abusively towards me in response. I can tell he's that kind of person. 

You know, even though I'm not a Christian anymore I remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:22. "The eye is the lamp of the body," he said. "If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light." It's a true statement actually. When it comes to Brandon Martinez his eyes aren't healthy at all. And they sure do scare the hell out of me.

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